Lauren Beard
“Orestes Would Become Hamlet”: Crisis, Subjectivity, and Form in Modernist Literature

Adleen Crapo
Punishment and Embodiment: an Examination of Gender and Disability in Early Modern Literature

Darcy Gauthier
Literature in Time of War

Nefise Kahraman
En Route to “Fresh Air””: Towards a Poetics of Change of Air/Change of Place in Early 20th Century Turkish and Persian Novels.

Paula Liliana Karger
Transatlantic Alterity and Identity: Exploring the doncella Teodor’s Materialisations

Rachel Freedman Stapleton
Autobiographical Strategies of Petition in Spanish and English Women’s Letters, 1530–1630


Postdoctoral Fellowship Projects

Dr. Stefanie Heine
The Poetics of Breathing (supervised by Prof. John Ricco)

Updated: September 6th, 2017