DIRECTORY | 2019-2020

Pushpa Raj Acharya, PhD
pushpa.acharya [at]
SSHRC Doctoral Fellow
Collaborative program in South Asian Studies
– Research interests: South Asian literature, Nepali literature, postcoloniali literature, novel, nation-state, violence
– Languages: English, Hindi, Nepali, French (reading)

Benjamin Bandosz, PhD
b.bandosz [at]
Vanier Scholar
– Research interests: 19th- and 20th-century English and Polish literature and expatriate writers; Conrad’s Saga of Surveillance; continental philosophy; globotomy, psychoanalysis, and schizoanalysis (Freud and Guattari); narratology; spy studies, extremism, and Post-Media; textual depictions of “mental illnesses”; alchemy and early modern political thought (Bacon, Hobbes, and Spinoza)
– Languages: English, Polish, French, Russian (in progress)

Gianmarco Bocchi, PhD
gianmarco.bocchi [at]
– Research interests: word-image relationships; ekphrasis, photography, visual rhetoric; W.G. Sebald; memory; concept and rewriting of classics; utopia-dystopia
– Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Latin, Portuguese (in progress)

Kate Brennan, PhD
kate.brennan [at]
Collaborative program in Diaspora and Transnational Studies
– Research interests: 20th- and 21st-century Caribbean and Irish literature, film, and music; language theory and linguistics; poetry and poetics; postoclonial, cultural, and comparative literary theory; diaspora and transnational studies
– Languages: French, Irish, Spanish, Jamaican Creole (in progress)

Colby Chubbs, PhD
colby.chubbs [at]
Faculty of Arts and Science Top Doctoral Fellowship
– Research interests: German Idealism, primarily Hegel, but also Kant and Schelling; psychoanalysis; German literature, especially Kleist and Kafka
– Languages: English, German, French

Matthew da Mota, PhD
matt.damota [at]
SSHRC Doctoral Fellow, William Reese Company Fellow 2019, Bibliographic Society of America Scholarship Holder 2019-2020
– Research interests: early modern Iberian epic, early modern Iberian crónicas and historical writing, representing the Carreira de Índia in Iberian text and culture, literatura de cordel and Iberian shipwreck narratives, memory and nostalgia, war and trauma in literature, philosophy of history, cultural history, descriptive bibliography and book history
– Languages: Portuguese, Spanish

Arianne Des Rochers, PhD
arianne.desrochers [at]
– Research interests: translation studies, multilingual writing, sociolinguistics, contemporary Canadian literature, anticolonial literatures and thought, politics of refusal, language and identity, transnational and diaspora studies
– Languages: French, English, Spanish

Khalid Esmail, MA
k.esmail [at]
– Research interests: silence, the pathos of distance, convalescence
– Languages: French, Spanish

Lucy Fang, MA
lucy.fang [at]
– Research interests: transnational feminism, postcolonial theory, affect
– Languages: English, Mandarin, French (reading)

Sophie Feng, PhD
sophie.feng [at]
– Research interests: Francophone literature, diasporic literature and theory, postmodern feminist criticism, postcolonial criticism, cultural and literary theory, early modern women’s poetry, gender and sexuality studies
– Languages: English, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian (reading), German (in progress)

Corinn Gerber, PhD
corinn.gerber [at]
SSHRC Doctoral Fellow, Jackman Junior Fellow
Collaborative program in Women and Gender Studies
– Research interests: definitions of personhood, epistemologies of publication and dissemination, political subjectivity, print and digital literacy, publication as methodology, technologies of recognition, theories of individual and collective becoming, transnational feminisms
– Langauges: German, English, French, Danish, Italian (reading), Kanyen’kéha (reading)

Jonathan Brown Gilbert, MA
jonathan.browngilbert [at]
Collaborative program in Jewish Studies
– Research interests: Yiddishland, and the history and culture of the Jewish left; desire and identity formation, especially queerness and Jewishness; politicisation of sexuality and gender, especially in the context of nationalism, biopolitics, and Nazism; Holocaust and comparative genocide studies; political organizing, education, radicalization and surveillance, especially on digital platforms
– Languages: English, Yiddish, French (reading)

Nathaniel Harrington, PhD
nat.harrington [at]
– Research interests: reading, riddles, shapeshifting, wizardry, language; ontologies of fiction, contemporary Scottish Gaelic literature, fantasy and science fiction, Miguel de Unamuno, “postcritique”, “world literature”, ordinary language philosophy
– Languages: Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, English, French, German (reading), Irish (reading), Italian (reading), Welsh (in progress)

Natasha Hay, PhD
natasha.hay [at]
Centre for Ethics doctoral fellow
Collaborative program in Jewish Studies
– Research interests: Frankfurt School, post-structuralism and deconstruction, phenomenology, theories of education, historiographies of violence, translation studies
– Languages: English (in progress), French (in progress), German (in progress), Arabic (in progress)

Ben Hjorth, PhD
ben.hjorth [at]
Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students
– Research interests: early modern English poetry and performance (Shakespeare, Milton), 19th- and 20th-century German philosophy (Hegel, Marx, Benjamin, Adorno), 20th- and 21st-century French philosophy (Derrida, Lyotard, Foucault), psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan), anticolonial political theory and literary/performance practice (Fanon, Césaire, C.L.R. James), contemporary poetics and performance theory/performance philosophy
– Languages: English, French, German, Spanish (in progress), Turkish (in progress), ancient Greek (in progress)
– Non-literary specialization: philosophy

Talia Isaacson, PhD
talia.isaacson [at]
CGS Doctoral Fellowship
– Research interests: classical reception studies, 20th-century Caribbean literature (political/creative), Marxism, anti-colonial literature, Soviet-“Third World” connections, Non-Aligned Movement
– Languages: ancient Greek, French, Russian (in progress)

Sanja Ivanov, PhD
sanja.ivanov [at]
Collaborative programs in Diaspora and Transnational Studies and in Jewish Studies
– Research interests: contemporary Balkan and Central European literatures and cultures, post-socialism, new sincerity, material culture, museum studies, autobiography and life writing, immigrant writing
– Languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian (native); English (near-native); German (advanced); Slovenian, Macedonian (reading)

Paula Karger, PhD
p.karger [at]
– Research interests: medieval Iberia, colonial Latin America, Maya cultural production (ts’íib), La doncella Teodor, trans-Atlantic contact, cross-cultural interaction, translatio, wisdom literature, translation and adaptation theory, postcolonial theory
– Languages: Spanish, German, Latin (reading), Catalan (reading), French (reading), Yucatec Maya (in progress)

Joseph Klemens, PhD
joe.klemens [at]
– Research interests: contemporary Latin American literature, orality and performance in prose, narratology, language theory and speech-act theory, contemporary poetry and poetics, small press publishing, Caribbean literature
– Languages: Spanish, German, Portuguese (reading), French (reading)

Matthew Larocque Coulas, PhD
m.larocquecoulas [at]
– Research interests: contemporary narratives (as well as their circulation and translation) emerging out of war and revolution
– Languages: English, French, Arabic (in progress)

Hong Liu, PhD
ishong.liut [at]
– Research interests: Shakespeare’s plays; tragedy; theatricality of melancholia; psychoanalysis; text, affect, and the moving image
– Languages: Mandarin, Spanish
– Non-literary specialization: cinema studies

Gaia Malnati, PhD
gaia.malnati [at]
Jackman Junior Fellow
Collaborative program in Jewish Studies
– Research interests: anglophone, Italian, and Jewish-German post-Holocaust poetry; rhetoric of orality; relationship between writing, voice, and performance poetics of displacement, theory of repetition
– Languages: Italian, English, German, French (reading), Latin, ancient Greek

Matthew Mucha, PhD
matthew.mucha [at]
Ontario Graduate Scholar
Collaborative programs in Diaspora and Transnational Studies and Jewish Studies
– Research interests: Philippine history and literature, contemporary Taiwan literature, Sinophone literatures, Hispanic literatures, Central and Eastern European literatures, postcolonial studies, women and gender studies
– Languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese Southern Min, Italian (reading), Polish (in progress), Tagalog (in progress)

Nisarg Patel, MA
nv.patel [at]
Collaborative program in South Asian Studies
– Research interests: South Asian poetry and literature; regional cinema in India, post-colonial modernity and (visual) culture; religion and violence; sexuality and desire in modern India; continental philosophy (Agamben, Byung-Chul Han, Rancière, Žižek); Lacanian psychoanalysis
– Languages: Gujarati, Hindi

Willah Peers, MA
willah.peers [at]
– Research interests: modern Latin American novel, l’Oulipo, French Antilles, gender
– Languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese (reading)

Dominic Pizzolitto, PhD
dominic.pizzolitto [at]
– Research interests: continental philosophy, the critical theory of the Frankfurt school, Romanticism, the history of Marxist thought and politics, psychoanalysis, 20th-century art and poetry
– Languages: French, German (in progress)

Kristopher Poulin-Thibault, PhD
kristopher.poulin.thibault [at]
– Research interests: autobiographical writing and autofiction, text-image relationship, photography, empathy and compassion, video game studies, language acquisition and pedagogy
– Languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish (reading), Kanyen’kéha (in progress)

Kaspars Reinis, PhD
kaspars.reinis [at]
Connaught Scholar
– Research interests: questions of absence in literature and visual media, Anthropocene and extinction, animal studies, posthumanist ethics and aesthetics, poetics, continental philosophy (Derrida, Nancy, Foucault, Agamben), J.M. Coetzee, Latvian poetry
– Languages: English, Latvian, German

Rachel F. Stapleton, PhD
rachel.f.stapleton [at]
– Research interests: epistolary theory & genre, communication, letter writing manuals, artes dictaminis, manipulations of inter/personal subjectivities, social conduct, political and gendered language
– Languages: English, Spanish, French, Latin

Leonard Stein, PhD
leonard.stein [at]
Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students
Collaborative program in Jewish Studies
– Research interests: the Sephardic diaspora, al-Andalus, crypto-Jewish identity, early translations to and from Hebrew and Ladino, orality and literacy, music in literature, nigunim, messy archives, improvisation
– Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish, Ladino

Lily Tarba, PhD
lily.tarba [at]
– Research interests: literary representations of shame and honour; northwest Caucasus; Russo-Circassian, Caucasian war; 18th- and 19th-century Russian and Georgian poetry and prose
– Languages: Russian, Georgian, French (reading)

Rob Twiss, PhD
twiss.rob [at]
Ontario Graduate Scholar
– Research interests: early modern travel and colonial literature, satire, translation
– Languages: English, French, Spanish

Teresa Valentini, PhD
teresa.valentini [at]
Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students
– Research interests: European modernism (with a special focus on Italian, Irish, and German literatures), theory of modernity, late 19th- and 20th-century continental philosophy, perspectivism, Freud, Agamben’s conception of potentiality, aesthetics, theory of the novel
– Languages: Italian, English, German (in progress), French (reading), Latin

Mahdieh Vali-Zadeh, PhD
mah.vali [at]
– Research interests: Persian mysticism, British Romanticism, Neoplatonism, aesthetics of the sublime and the beautiful, lyrical/mystic poetry, translation studies, intra-semiotic translation (between poetry, music, and visual arts)
– Languages: Persian, French (in progress), classical Arabic (reading)

Yu Wang, PhD [at]
Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students
Collaborative program in Jewish Studies
– Research interests: narrative theories, life stories, narrative selfhood, non-fictional narratives of the Holocaust and the Second World War
– Languages: Chinese, English, German

Yue Wu, visiting PhD
yuee.wu [at]
CSC Scholarship
– Research interests: Chinese American literature, mobilities study, diaspora writing
– Languages: English, French, Chinese

Andrew Young, PhD
andrewj.young [at]
– Research interests: the Haitian Revolution; trans-Atlantic slavery; psychoanalysis; whiteness and anti-Black racism; German Idealism, political theory; early modern political thought; critical theory
– Languages: English, French, German (reading), Spanish (reading)