Student Directory | 2023-2024

Iman Al Kaisy, PhD
—Research interests: Arab Spring, Arab intellectual history, autobiography and testimonial writing, Arab women’s writings, Middle Eastern politics
—Languages: English, Arabic, French

Gianmarco Bocchi, PhD
—Research interests: text-image relationship; theories of photography; pictorial/photographic ekphrasis; photo-texts and issues of spatiality; narratology; visual rhetoric; 20th- and 21st-century Italian and Latin-American literature; memory studies; W.G. Sebald
—Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese (reading), Latin

Colby Chubbs, PhD
—Research interests: Hegel and post-Hegelian thought, especially the transmission of his philosophy amongst his schools as well as Heine and Marx and Engels; Marxist thought; psychoanalysis; German literature, especially Kleist, Heine, Kafka, and Brecht.
—Languages: English, German, French

Rayyan Dabbous, PhD
—Research interests: 19th c. French literature (Sand), psychoanalysis (Andreas-Salomé), political theory (Arendt), queer theory (Butler), cybernetics and communication (Wiener, Shannon, Bateson), history and philosophy of science (Hacking), Arab culture and Middle Eastern politics
—Languages: English, French, Arabic

Ran Deng, PhD
Collaborative programs in Women & Gender Studies and Sexual Diversity Studies
—Research interests: consent and reproduction in the transpacific context, visual studies, political philosophy, queer aesthetic theory
—Languages: German, Mandarin, Japanese (in progress), French (in progress)

Sophie Feng, PhD
SSHRC Doctoral Scholar
—Research interests: Francophone literatures, Canadian literature, diasporic literature and theory, transnational feminisms, anticolonial theory and literature, vulnerability studies, cultural and literary theory, early modern women’s poetry, gender and sexuality studies, affect theory, 20th-century anarcho-feminism in China
—Languages: English, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian (reading), German (reading)

Anna Foran, PhD
SSHRC Doctoral Fellow
—Research interests: 20th century art and architecture, abstraction, literary theory, media and information studies
—Languages: French, Creative Research, German (reading)

Zichuan Gan, PhD
Collaborative program in Women & Gender Studies
—Research interests: speculative fiction, critical theory, Chinese/Sinophone literatures, gender studies, digital media, epistemology, environmental humanities
—Languages: Chinese/Mandarin, English, French

Enzo Gavazzi-Renaud, MA
—Research interests: Aesthetics & Politics; German Idealism (Schelling & Hegel); Psychoanalysis; Modern Japanese Literature & Philosophy; Proust
—Languages: French; Japanese; Mandarin Chinese; German (reading); Spanish (reading); Italian (reading)

Ben Hjorth, PhD
Connaught International Doctoral Scholar
—Research interests: Theatre history & performance studies, early modern English poetry and performance (Shakespeare, Milton), 19th- and 20th-century Continental philosophy, particularly German and French (Hegel, Marx, Benjamin, Adorno, Derrida), psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan), Caribbean anti-/decolonial literature, history and theory (Fanon, Césaire, Glissant, C.L.R. James, Wynter, Brathwaite)
—Languages: English, French, German, Spanish (in progress)
—Non-literary specialization: Philosophy

Tanya Humeniuk, PhD
—Research interests: Brecht, Benjamin, Bersani, Berlant, Bataille, Barthes, Blanchot, Beckett, Baudelaire, Baudrillard, Blocker, photography, text-image relations, theatre and performance, sexuality and gender studies, ethics and aesthetics, psychoanalysis, 20th- and 21st-century continental philosophy
—Languages: English, German, French, Spanish (in progress)
—Non-literary specialization: Philosophy

William Hunt, PhD
—Research interests: philosophies of immanence (esp. Baruch Spinoza, Gilles Deleuze); 20th Century Black American Music (bebop through hiphop); Black American Literature (feminisms, prison abolition movements, Fred Moten, Nathaniel Mackey, etc.); methods and theories of improvisation and transcription.
—Languages: English, Creative Research (piano), French (in progress)

Ben Koonar, PhD
—Research Interests: Contemporary literature, HIV/AIDS, queer theory, portraiture, translation
—Languages: English, French, Spanish (reading)

Hong Liu, PhD
—Research interests: Early modern theatre, history plays, tragedy, and comedy in philosophy, aesthetics, material culture, text-image relationship, iconoclasm and iconography
—Languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, German, Latin (in progress)

Gaia Malnati, PhD
Collaborative program in Jewish Studies
—Research interests: orality, Holocaust testimonies, migrants’ performance, Paul Celan’s poetry, public theory
—Languages: Italian, English, German, French (reading), Yiddish (in progress)

Ben Meyerson, PhD
—Research interests: flamenco, medieval troubadour lyric, peninsular Spanish poetry, contemporary poetry and poetics, materialism and process philosophy (Spinoza, Simondon, Serres, Deleuze, etc.), medieval and early modern Jewish philosophy, diasporic ontologies, critiques of speculative realism, Wittgenstein and ordinary language philosophy, ineffability in sonic cultures
—Languages: English, Spanish, Medieval Occitan (reading), Hebrew (reading), French (reading)

Ido Moses, PhD
Collaborative program in Jewish Studies
– Research Interests: 20th-century war novels, soldier-authors, Hebrew literature, history and literature, adaptation of experience, new media, post-ideological conflict, diary writing, POW experiences.
– Languages: Hebrew, English, German, French (reading)

Matthew Mucha, PhD
Ontario Graduate Scholar
Collaborative programs in Diaspora & Transnational Studies and Women & Gender Studies
—Research Interests: contemporary Philippine literature, postwar Taiwan literature, 20th Century Polish literature, diasporic literatures, postcolonial theory, queer theory, trauma & memory studies
—Languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien, Tagalog, Polish, Italian (reading)

Graeme Myers, PhD
graeme.myers [at]
Collaborative Program in Jewish Studies
—Research interests: Latin American Literature, Contemporary Argentine poetry, Yiddish in Latin America, Mapuche poetry, translation
—Languages: Spanish, Yiddish, Portuguese (reading), French (reading)

Dominic Pizzolitto, PhD
—Research Interests: Marxism, Psychoanalysis, Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics, Modernism, Walter Benjamin, Baudelaire, Trauma Studies, Dramaturgy
—Languages: French, German

Felix Roessler, PhD
—Research Interests: Poetry and Poetics, Disability Studies, Experimental Literature
—Languages: German, English, French, Spanish (reading), Russian (reading)

Julian Stuart, PhD
Collaborative program in Jewish Studies
—Research interests: W.G. Sebald; Patrick Modiano; Walter Benjamin; Psychoanalysis (esp. Freud); Trauma and History; Temporality and Memory (esp. Postmemory); Continental Philosophy (esp. Heidegger and Kierkegaard); Modernism (esp. British and German)
—Languages: English, French, German (in progress)

Krystale Tremblay-Moll, PhD
FRQSC Doctoral Fellow
—Research interests: Hispanic Caribbean Literature, gender/sexuality studies, postcolonial studies, labour histories, tourism studies, environmental humanities
—Languages: English, French, and Spanish

Teresa Valentini, PhD
Connaught International Doctoral Scholar
—Research interests: European modernism (with a special focus on Italian, Irish, and German literatures), theory of modernity, late 19th- and 20th-century continental philosophy, perspectivism, Freud, Agamben’s conception of potentiality, aesthetics, theory of the novel
—Languages: Italian, English, German (in progress), French (reading), Latin

Ami Xherro, PhD
—Research interests: experimental poetry & poetics, women’s life-writing & private space, embodied translation, idiosyncratic transcription practices
—Languages: Albanian, French, English

Updated Dec 11, 2023