Study Space and Carrels for Current Students

Students currently enrolled in Comparative Literature Programs have access to study and meeting space in VC01. They may also apply for designated carrels at the Robarts Library (10, some shared) and in VC01 (3). The Centre will solicit applications for carrel assignments each year at the beginning of the year.

Robarts Carrels Policy

Allotment of Carrel Space

The main purpose of the lockable carrels is to provide doctoral candidates, especially those preparing their theses, with private and quiet working space. The Centre will allot available carrels on a first-come, first served basis to graduate students who have achieved PhD candidacy based on requests for carrel spots received in September. Remaining carrel space will be distributed to interested PhD students who have not achieved candidacy yet. If space remains, we will consider other requests. Once a student has a carrel space, they have priority for requesting continuation of carrel privileges in that carrel.

Requests for carrel space or annual renewal of carrel space privileges must be submitted to the Centre by September 15 of a given year, and students must be ready to bring their keys to the Centre Administrator in early September to accommodate needed maintenance work or transfer of the space. Work will be scheduled based on an annual inspection of carrels by Centre personnel and/or the Robarts Building Manager in August.


Use of Robarts Carrels

Students will be able to use their carrels during Robarts Library opening hours. It is the responsibility of students to be out of the building before it closes:

Use must be consistent with the regulations and safety standards established by Robarts Staff. Users must comply in a timely fashion with requests by personnel responsible for Building Maintenance and Health, Safety and Security. Violations of carrel regulations may result in the removal of carrel privileges. Costs for lost keys, damage beyond wear and tear and disallowed modifications to the carrel may be charged to the student.



VC01 Common Space

The common space in VC01 is provided by Victoria College for the use of the Course Union in Comparative Literature (CLCU) and the use of students in the Student Union of the LCT program. It is expected that these student cohorts may occasionally collaborate for events and that they will engage in reasonable consultation and sharing regarding the use of the space. People from the Spanish and Portuguese Department use the adjacent room and one of the four locked cubicles, and it is expected that all users will reasonably accommodate these various uses, including respecting the need for quiet spaces for study and consultation.


VC01 Carrel Spaces

Individual students from Comparative Literature may request assignment of one of three locked carrels in VC01. Applications for these spaces will be solicited annually at the beginning of the year and assignments will be made on the basis of demonstrated need for the space and fair sharing of space privileges among students who request them. Students with keys must be ready to bring them in for renewal, reassignment or maintenance of the carrels.

Access cards to VC01 are provided upon student request by Victoria College at their discretion, depending upon observance of regular health and security concerns, and in accordance with the shared use principles outlined here. Noncompliance with regulations or requests from Victoria College personnel may be grounds for revoking access or use privileges.


Please contact Department Administrator Bao Nguyen with questions or concerns about this policy.


Policy dated April 23, 2019.