Admission Requirements

Candidates for this degree are accepted under the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies provided that they also satisfy the Centre for Comparative Literature’s requirements stated below. In all cases, their programs must be approved by the Centre.

Admission to the M.A. program requires a four-year Bachelor’s degree, that includes courses in literature and languages with an average grade of at least B+ in the applicant’s overall program. Applicants to the M.A. program must demonstrate experience in the study of literature at the undergraduate level and an ability to work at the graduate level in at least one language other than English. All candidates must register as full-time students.

Program Requirements

  1. Students admitted to the one-year program must complete at least 4 full-course equivalents including at least 2 full-course equivalents in COL courses, one of which must be COL 1000H.
  2. MA students must demonstrate an ability to work at the graduate level in at least one language other than English. Please see information on language requirements.
  3. Students may pursue independent research for credit equivalent to one half-course at the M.A. level, under the direction of an advisor approved by the Centre.
  4. A plan of study is defined by each M.A. student through consultation with the graduate coordinator in light of the student’s particular areas of interest and background. This plan of study is subject to the approval of the Centre for Comparative Literature. In addition to the numerous courses in literary theory, methodology, and interdisciplinary topics offered by the Centre, courses may also be selected from departments of language and literature, as well as from other units in the humanities.
  5. Candidates must obtain an average of at least B+ in their course work to be recommended for the master’s degree.
  6. M.A. candidates who intend to pursue doctoral studies are strongly advised to make appropriate plans for the acquisition of graduate level competence in their second language other than English.

Statement on Indigenous Languages:

The Centre for Comparative Literature is committed to supporting work at the graduate level involving Indigenous languages from Turtle Island (North America). We welcome applications working with an Indigenous language or languages as part of the proposed plan of study. These may include Anishnaabemowin, Iroquoian languages, Inuktitut or other languages. The Centre will seek advice and support from Indigenous language experts and educators to help determine what constitutes work at the graduate level for the purposes of satisfying a language requirement. Applicants may be interested in our page on “Indigenous Futures at the Centre for Comparative Literature

Updated: November 5, 2020