Benjamin Bandosz
Infernal Inversions of the Gaze: Reading, Spying and Insanity in Joseph Conrad and Witkacy

Gianmarco Bocchi
Photo-Narrative Entanglements in Post WWII English Italian, and Latin-American

Katherine Brisley Brennan
Nobody or a Nation: Postcolonial Ambivalence in Contemporary Irish and Caribbean Poetry

Jessica Ruth Copley
Revolting Subjects: The Extreme as a Mode of Resistance in Post-War French, American and Japanese Literature

Matthew Stefan Da Mota
Epic, Narrative and History in the Early Modern Iberian World

Corinne Sophia Gerber 
Reciproduction: An Ethics of Reciproduction Polysovereignty in Recent Art and Feminist Publishing

Ben Hjorth
The interpretation of storms: telling Tempest time in the theatre of anti/colonialism

Talia Isaacson
Subjugation, Barbarism, and the Promise of Internationalism in Caribbean Literature

Joseph Aloysius Klemens
Performative Monologue in European and Latin American Self-Referential

Anastasia Lachine
The Evolution of Psychological Prose: Stream of Conciseness in the works of Leo Tolstoy , Marcel Proust and Andrew Bitov

Hong Liu
Philosophical Melancholy and Modern Tragedy: Shakespeare, Benjamin and Cavell

Matthew Martin Mucha
Dictatorial Cultures Across the Luzon Strait: Gendered Memory in he Martial Law Literatures of Taiwan and the Philippines

Saharnaz Samaeinejad
The Renunciation of Poetic Authenticity in the Poetry of Furugh Farrukhza

Lily Tarba
Shame and Honour in 18th and 19th Century Russian, and Georgian Literature and Verse by Way of Early, Modern English Literature

Robert Twiss
The Translation of Satirical Others in 18th century France and England

Teresa Valentini
Potentialities in Modernism

Mahdieh Vali-Zadeh
Revisiting Rumi and the Sublime “I” of Person Love Love Mysticism: A Comparative Study

Yu Wang
Courageous Altruism: Transcultural Memories of the Rescue of Jews by Non-Jews during the Holocaust since 1980s

Andrew Young
Thinking the Unthinkable

Updated: May 31, 2022