List of Comparative Literature Graduates and their Current Employment (by year of defense)


Matthew Da Mota
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Digital Policy Hub

Joseph Aloysius Klemens
Assistant Professor of English at Santa Fe Community College

Ben Bandosz,
Research and Analysis Officer, Civil Aviation Directorate, Government of Canada


Pushpa Acharya, Postdoctoral Fellow in South Asian Studies, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Yu Wang, Lecturer in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Australian Centre for Jewish Civilization, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Natasha Hay, Sessional Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto


Arianne Des Rochers, Assistant Professor of Translation, University of Moncton

Leonard Stein, Postdoctoral Fellow, Kreitman School of Advanced Graduate Studies, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Rachel Stapleton, 2020 Senior Acquisitions Editor at the University of Regina Press

Sanja Ivanov, Educational Developer, Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Western Ontario.

Darcy L Gauthier, Program Officer, Tri-agency Institutional Programs Secretariat at SSHRC-CRSH


Adwoa Atta Opoku-Agyemang, Du Bois-Mandela-Rodney Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan


Élise Couture-Grondin, FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellow, Simon Fraser University

Irina Sadovina, University Teacher of Russian and Slavonic Languages Coordinator at the University of Sheffield


Veronica Jimenez, Research Professor, Faculty of Media Studies and Contemporary Arts,  Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Katherine Fry, instructor, Innis College’s Writing & Rhetoric Program, University of Toronto and Sheridan College

Sam Caldwell, Instructor, English department at Tyndale University


Karen Yaworski, Champlain St Lambert College


Yan Lu, Department of French and Asian Studies at Huron University College, Western University

Lukasz Wodzynski, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin–Madison


Myra Bloom, Assistant Professor in the English Department at York University

Yi Chen, Assistant Professor, Confucian Philosophy, Bond University

Joseph Culpepper, Associate Researcher and instructor at CRITAC (the Center for Circus Arts Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer), National Circus School of Montreal

Jeannine Pitas, Assistant Professor, Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Julie Parisien, Senior Director of Portfolio Strategy at The Red Sea Development


Antonio Viselli, Senior Lecturer in European Studies, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.


Annarita Primier, Professor in the Modern Languages department at Duquesne University

Sarah O’Brien, Assistant Professor, Professional Writing  Program in the Department of English, University of Virginia

Jonathan A. Allan, Canada Research Chair in Men and Masculinities, Professor, Department of English, Drama, and Creative Writing, Brandon University


Vanessa Robinson, Professor of Business Communications at Sheridan College

Pablo Pemeja, Teacher, Languages Department, Cégep de l’Outaouais


Elisa Segnini, Assistant Professor of Italian, University of British Colombia

Lauren Lydic, Lecturer, Comparative Literature and English , The American University of Paris

Andrés Pérez Simón, Associate Prof. of Spanish, University of Cincinnati

Karen Heather Pike, Professor/Coordinator, School of Language and Communications Studies, Conestoga College


Nizar Hermes,  Associate Professor, Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Virginia

Keavy Martin,  Associate Professor, Indigenous Literatures, University of Alberta

Martin Zeilinger, Lecturer in Media Studies, Dept. of English and Media, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge/UK

Jenna Sunkenberg, Senior Lecturer, Books and Media Program, University of Toronto


Sandra Bialystok, Communications Officer, Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining

Stephanie Chong, Novelist

Suha Kudsieh, Assistant Professor, World Literature, CUNY-Staten Island


Daniel Perry, Senior Clearance Analyst, Advertising Standards  Canada, and author

Heather Macfarlane, Adjunct Professor, Department of English, Queen’s University

Jena Habegger-Conti, Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Studies and Languages, University of Stavanger, Norway

Jessica (Tsui-yan) Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, York University

Nadia Bozak, Assistant Professor of English in the Department of English at Carleton University in Ottawa. Novelist, author of the novels Orphan Love (Key Porter, 2007) and El Niño (Anansi, 2014).

Ian MacRae, Associate Professor, English, Wilfrid Laurier University

Barnaby Clunie, Manager, Marketing & Communications at Adastra


Sylwia Dominika Chrostowska, Assistant Professor of European Studies, Humanities Department, York University

Vivian Ralickas, English teacher at Marianopolis College in Westmount (Montreal), Quebec

Levi Namaseb, Professor, Department of Language and Literature Studies University of Namibia


Irene Marques, Lecturer, Ryerson University, author of Wearing Glasses of Water, The Circular Incantation and Habitando na metáfora do tempo

George Gasyna, Associate Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Program in Comparative and World Literature, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Saeed Ghahremani, Senior Lecturer of Persian, University of Chicago

Elias Polizoes, co-owner, The Wood Studio, London, Ontario


Snezana Brajovic-Andjelkovic, Instructor, Semiotics, University of Victoria College

Jonathan Rollins, Professor, Department of English, Ryerson University


Luca Pocci, Assistant professor of Italian, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, University of Western Ontario


Nancy Pedri, Associate Professor of English, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Julia Moss Zarb, Administrative director, MHI Public Health Informatics Program, University of Toronto

Julija Šuky, Associate Professor of English, University of Texas at Austin

Sean Gurd, Professor of Classics, University of Texas at Austin

Annika Hannan, Professor of Communications and Liberal Studies at George Brown College, Toronto

Susan Mooney, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, University of South Florida at Tampa

Corina Martin Iordache, High school teacher, Toronto

Wendy Knepper, Senior Lecturer of English at Brunel University London

Danielle Constantin, Researcher (Literature – Languages – Media), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique / French National Centre for Scientific Research


Wendy Eberle Sinatra, Instructor, English, John Abbott College, Montreal


Marie Carrière, Associate Professor, French, and Director of the Canadian Literature Centre, University of Alberta

Russell Kilbourn, Assistant Professor, English and Film, Wilfrid Laurier University


Jill Scott, Provost et Vice-rectrice aux affaires académiques | Provost and Vice-President Acad Affairs. University of Ottawa

Albert Braz, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, Religion, and Film/Media Studies, University of Alberta

Diana Kuprel, Associate Director of Development Communications, University of Toronto


Marie-Anne Visoi, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of French, University of Toronto

Noriko Takeda, Associate Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan

François Lachance, Policy Branch, Ministry of the Attorney General


Matthew DeCoursey, Professor of English, Hong Kong Institute of Education

Jeanne Iribarne, English Instructor, Camosun College


Nella Cotrupi, Adult Education, University of Toronto

Richard Sanger, writer; teaching at the French School


Christine Roulston, Professor, French, University of Western Ontario, London


Wendy Waring, Director of the Institute for Women’s Studies, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Suzanne Bailey, Associate Professor, English, Trent University, Peterborough


Winfried Siemerling, Professor, English Language and Literature, University of Waterloo

Calin Mihailescu, Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, and Director of the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, University of Western Ontario, London

Walid Hamarneh, Associate Professor of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Richmond


Elena Corrigan, Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Karina Kailo, Professor of Women’s Studies, Oulu U, Finland

Mustapha Marrouchi, Rogers Fellow in Post-colonial Literature, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Marie Vautier, Associate Professor, French, University of Victoria

Barbara Havercroft, Associate Professor, French and Comp Lit, U of T


Ann Rigney, Chair of Comparative Literature, Utrecht University

M. Jean Wilson, Associate Professor, Modern Languages, McMaster University


Daniel Chamberlain, Associate Professor, Dept. of Spanish and Italian, Queen’s University


Peter Hynes, Associate Professor, Dept. of English, U. of Saskatchewan


Sylvia Söderlind, Associate Professor, Dept. of English, Queen’s University

Richard Cavell, Professor, Dept. of English, University of British Columbia (?)


Geert Lernout, Professor of English and Comparative Literature; Director of the James Joyce Centre, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Ruth Ronen: Professor, Department of Philosophy and Unit of Culture Research Faculty of Humanities,Tel Aviv University, Israel


Christopher Hoile: reviewer and journalist

Paul Ady: Professor of English, Assumption College (US)

Rosmarin Heidenreich: Professor, Translation, Collège Universitaire Saint-Boniface (Winnipeg)

Carolyn Roberts Finlay: author; Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) in Piano Performance


Karen Laughlin: Associate Professor of English and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Florida State University