José Pedro Abreu Ferreira, PhD
jose.abreuferreira [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Collaborative Program in Diaspora and Transnational Studies
– Academic interests: post-colonial theory; diaspora studies; mobility studies; immigration and literature; Literatures: contemporary Portuguese, Brazilian and Canadian literatures; Nélida Piñon; Sergio Kokis
– Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French,

Pushpa Raj Acharya, PhD
pushpa.acharya [at] mail.utoronto.ca
SSHRC Doctoral Fellow
– Research Areas:
Theme and Methodology: Postcolonial literature from South Asia, Africa, and the Americas; political violence and democracy; modernity; poststructualism; the forms story-telling; Time period: 19th and 20th centuries; Genres: fiction, travel narrative, documentary films; other areas of interest:  global and transnational in the Himalayas, the Indian Ocean, and the Silk Road; world literature; the Mahabharata
– Languages: English, Nepali, Hindi, Sanskrit, French (reading), Chinese (in progress)

 Amelia Bailey, MA
amelia.bailey [at] mail.utoronto.ca
SSHRC Joseph Armand Bombardier CGS-M Recipient
– Academic interests: Critical Theory, Women and Gender Studies, Modern and Contemporary fiction, desire in the Nouveau Roman, autobiography and autofiction
– Languages: English, French, Spanish

Lauren Beard, PhD
lauren.beard [at] utoronto.ca
Ontario Graduate Scholar, Victoria College Junior Fellow
– Crisis, form, and subjectivity in literary modernism
– Nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature; modernisms; critical theory; the novel; crisis; WWI and modernist literature; technology and literature; continental philosophy; interdisciplinarity; temporality and form.
Languages: English, French, Italian, German (reading)

 Baharak Beizaei, PhD
baharak.beizaei [at] mail.utoronto.ca
– Intellectual history; Philosophy and its modes of negation, appropriation, and inheritance “after” Hegel; Frankfurt School (esp. Adorno and Benjamin); 20th Century Jewish Philosophy (esp. Rosenzweig and Levinas); Philosophies of history; Aesthetics; Theories of the imagination in medieval Jewish mysticism and German Idealism; Proust; Musil
– Languages: English, Farsi, German (in progress), French (in progress)

 Marion Bilodeau, PhD
marion.bilodeau [at] mail.utoronto.ca
– Research interests : Phenomenology; Hermeneutics; German Idealism; Frankfurt School; Materialism; Aesthetics; Holocaust literature; Post-war cinema; Nouveau roman; Feminism and far-left politics; Graphic novel
– Languages : French, English, German (reading)

Kate Brennan, PhD
Collaborative program in Diaspora and Transnational Studies
“The Grafted Tongue: Caribbean and Irish Poets on English-Language Hegemony”
– 20th and 21st century Caribbean and Irish literature, film, and music
– Language theory and linguistics
– Poetry and poetics
– Postcolonial, cultural, comparative literary, and diaspora and transnational studies
– Translation and mediation
Modern Languages: English, French, Irish, Spanish



Vanessa Cimon-Lambert, MA
vanessa.cimon.lambert [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Ontario Graduate Scholar
– Interests: Creative and autobiographical writing, melancholia, aesthetics, 19th and 20th century literature and continental philosophy
– Languages: French, English, Spanish (reading in progress)

 Jessica Copley, PhD
jessica.copley [at] mail.utoronto.ca
– post-war and post-violence subjectivities in 20th and 21st century American, French and Japanese fiction
– literature as a site of political resistance
– representations of violence and the body
– critical theory (esp. Marxism, feminism, psychoanalysis)
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese

 Élise Couture-Grondin, PhD
elise.couture.grondin [at] mail.utoronto.ca
CGS Doctoral Fellow
– Indigenous women’s writing, feminisms, literature and social justice, transitional justice, truth and reconciliation commissions, critical theory and epistemology, theories of subjectivity and affect, materialism and vitalism.
Languages: French, Spanish, English, Portuguese

 Adleen Crapo, PhD
adleen.crapo [at] utoronto.ca
Adleen Crapo is a sixth-year PhD candidate whose dissertation focuses on the relationship between representations of disability and citizenship in Renaissance literature. She is especially interested in the works of John Milton, Miguel de Cervantes and Paul Scarron.
Her earlier research focused on the maternal body during Vichy France.
She is interested in the connections between the study of disability and activism.
Her languages are English/French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin (reading) and Catalan (also reading).

Ryan Culpepper, PhD
Past Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar
– Academic Interests: Early film history; American and Soviet modernism; history of psychology (behaviorism, psychoanalysis); “political” art and “propaganda”; documentary; montage
– Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

David J. Dagenais, PhD
david.dagenais [at] utoronto.ca
– Research interests: Early Modern Literature and Culture;  Literary and Political Theory; Gender Studies; Montaigne; Shakespeare.
– Languages: English, French, Latin, and Ancient Greek

Arianne Des Rochers, PhD
arianne.desrochers [at] mail.utoronto.ca
FRQSC Fellow
– Academic interests: Translation studies, contemporary Caribbean literatures, contemporary Canadian and Québécois literatures, migrant writing, border writing, hybridity & métissage, slang, multiculturalism, language & identity, gender studies, transnational feminism
– Languages: French, English, Spanish

Andrea Ennis-Booth, PhD
andrea.ennis.booth [at] mail.utoronto.ca
SSHRC Doctoral Fellow
– Academic interests: semiotics; structuralism; the avant-garde; translation theory, history and practice; 19th and 20th century Russian Literature
Languages: English, Russian, French, Czech (in progress)



Katie Fry, PhD
katherine.fry [at] mail.utoronto.ca
SSHRC Doctoral Fellow
Northrop Frye Doctoral Fellow
– Dissertation: “The Aesthetics of Redemption in Fin de Siècle Literature and the Arts”
– Research Interests: the intersection of aesthetics, religion and secularization; aestheticism, decadence and modernism in England, Germany, Austro-Hungary and France
– Languages: English, Spanish, German, French (reading)

 Liza Futerman, PhD
liza.futerman [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Vanier Doctoral Scholar
Lupina Senior Doctoral Fellow (Comparative Program on Health and Society)
Victoria Junior Fellow
Collaborative Program: Jewish Studies
– Research interests: popular representations of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in Canada and Israel, affects of language on policymaking practices, narrative medicine, history and philosophy of medicine and health, cure vs. care, theories of healing.
Other interests: knowledge translation, advocacy, food studies, material culture, creative non-fiction.
– Methodology: Auto-ethnography
– Genre and texts: graphic medicine, autobiography, policy papers, medical journalism.
– Languages: Hebrew, Russian, English, French (reading).
Author of Keeper of the Clouds

 Darcy Gauthier, PhD
darcy.gauthier [at] utoronto.ca
Japan Foundation Fellow; Ontario Graduate Studies Scholar
Dissertation: “The Politics of Fantasy in Post-War Japan”
– Academic interests: Fantasy literature, in particular narratives of haunting/ghosts, and related theory (Lacanian psychoanalysis, Derrida, Marx, etc.); the culture of fantasy in 1950s Japan; Abe Kôbô, Mizoguchi Kenji, Nakagawa Nobuo.
– Languages: English, French, Japanese, German (reading)

 Keegan Goodman, PhD
jdkgoodman [at] gmail.com
– Research Interests: Reincarnation, Astrological Divination, Rock and Roll, Exaltation, English Grammar, esp. subjunctive mood.
– Languages (in progress): German, English, French, Classical Greek

Allen Haaheim, PhD
Allen.Haaheim [at] utoronto.ca
– Research Interests: East-West comparative poetry and poetics, intercultural theory; Classical Chinese (especially Six Dynasties) poetry; philological exegesis
Dissertation Title: The Poetics of Pattern in Shen Yue (441­–513) and Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889)
– Languages: Classical Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese, French (reading only)

 Nathaniel Harrington, PhD
nat.harrington [at] mail.utoronto.ca
– Research Interests: 20th- and 21st-century Scottish Gaelic literature; settler colonialism and indigenous theory/ies; new materialisms; queer young adult fiction; contemporary media fandom and fan fiction; ontologies of fiction; relationships between theory/philosophy and speculative fiction
– Languages: English, Gaelic, Spanish, French

 Natasha Hay, PhD
natasha.hay [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Natasha Hay, PhD4
Dissertation: ‘So much suffering, so little struggle’: Sovereignty, Language, and Force in Benjamin, Nietzsche and Cohen
Supervisory Committee: Rebecca Comay, Robert Gibbs, Willi Goetschel
– Research and teaching interests: Walter Benjamin; Hannah Arendt; Theodor Adorno; Frankfurt School; German-Jewish thought; social and political thought; philosophies of history; continental philosophies of language; messianic theologies; ethics of alterity; historiographies and theories of violence; post-structuralism and deconstruction; history of philosophy; critical legal theory; philosophy of education; translation studies; rhetoric; hermeneutics; aesthetics
– Languages: English (native); French (near-native fluency); German (advanced proficiency); Latin (basic)

 Dr. Stefanie Heine, Postdoc
stefanie.heine [at] uzh.ch
Postdoctoral Fellow / SNF Postdoc.Mobility
“The Poetics of Breathing”

 Nathaniel Heisler, PhD
nathanielheisler [at] hotmail.com
– Book production, translation, the printing press and ideas of Renaissance, intellectual history and Islamic education
– Languages: French, Arabic, and Latin; Persian (in progress)



Tal Isaacson, PhD
talia.isaacson [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Shane Baghai Fellowship
– Academic Interests: theories of state power, western thought of empire, ancient Greek history and rhetoric, political Marxism, materialist feminism.
– Languages: Ancient Greek, French (reading)

 Sanja Ivanov, PhD
sanja.ivanov [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Collaborative programs: Diaspora and Transnational Studies; Jewish Studies
– Research interests: nostalgia, memory, postcommunism, material culture, museum studies, thing theory, autobiography and life writing, immigrant writing
Languages: Bulgarian, German, English, Serbian, Slovenian (in progress)

Veronica Jimenez, PhD
veronica.jimenez [at] utoronto.ca

Nefise Kahraman, PhD
nefise.kahraman [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Jackman Junior Fellow
Currently Teaching: NML 471H Modern Turkish Literature in Perspective (Spring 2015)
– Academic Interests: literature and medicine; literature and science; intellectual history; history of ideas; narrative theory; gender; world literature
– Languages: Turkish, Ottoman Turkish (matbu), Persian, English, French

Paula Karger, PhD
p.karger [at] utoronto.ca
Ontario Graduate Scholar
Academic interests:
– late medieval Iberia
– early colonial Latin America, specifically Brazilian and Mayan works
– Ramon Llull, La Doncella Teodor
– trans-Atlantic exchange
– translation/adaptation
– wisdom literature
Languages: Spanish, German, Latin (reading knowledge), Catalan (reading knowledge), Maya (in progress)

Joseph Klemens, PhD
joe.klemens [at] mail.utoronto.ca
– Academic interests: contemporary Latin American literature, psychoanalysis, contemporary poetry, small press publishing
– Languages: English, Spanish, German



Julia Irion Martins, MA
julia.martins [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Academic interests:
— Latin American literature, cinema, and visual art (emphasis on the Southern Cone and Brazil) in times of political crisis and transition
— theorizing justice, catharsis, and empathy
— Feminist theory, film theory, and Marxist theory (particularly ideas of gaps/silences within literary production)
— representations of violence towards women on and off-screen
— resistance, trauma, and memory in women’s memoir and autobiographical documentaries
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English
Alternate disciplines: cinema studies, visual studies

 Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard, PhD
jeanne.mathieu.lessard [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Ontario Graduate Scholar
– Dissertation title: “Humour and Imprisonment in Twentieth-Century Fiction”
Research Interests: Humour, laughter, poetics of space, imprisonment; Luigi Pirandello, Giovannino Guareschi, Romain Gary, Wyndham Lewis, Vladimir Nabokov; Theories of humour and laughter (Pirandello, Bergson, Bakhtin, Freud, Lewis)
– Languages: French, English, Italian, German (in progress)



Adwoa A. Opoku-Agyemang, PhD
maa.opoku.agyemang [at] mail.utoronto.ca
SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
– Academic interests: African literature, French literature, Humour

Young-Jin Park, PhD
meta.park [at] mail.utoronto.ca
– The problem of love in Badiou and Lacan
Languages: Korean, English, French

 Kristopher Poulin-Thibault, PhD
kristopher.poulin.thibault [at] mail.utoronto.ca
– Research interests: autobiography and life-writing; photography and visual culture; the (re)construction and (re)presentation of identity and intimacy; writer-reader relationship; the sex industry; video games; feminism and gender studies; medium and genre hybridity
– Languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish (reading), ASL (in progress)

 Marketa Russell Holtebrinck, PhD
Ontario Graduate Scholar
marketa.russellholtebrinck [at] utoronto.ca
– Spatiality, theatricality & architecture of fiction
– Trans-mediality, spatiality
– Limits, borders, points of transition
– Photography, Surrealism, Light
– Authors: Kleist, Cendrars, Döblin, Effenberger, Kundera, Saramago, Sebald
Languages: German, Czech, Portuguese, English, French (reading)



Saharnaz Samaeinejad, PhD
saha.samaeinejad [at] mail.utoronto.ca
CGS Doctoral Fellow
– Academic interests: Modern Persian poetry and poetics (with a special focus on the period between 1941 and 1979); The poetry of Forūgh Farrokhzād; The history of Marxist aesthetic theory; The Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School; The critical potentials of the poetics of lyric expressivity.
– Languages: Persian (Native Fluency), English, German (in progress)

 Irina Sadovina, PhD
irina.sadovina [at] mail.utoronto.ca
– Academic interests: psychoanalysis, representation of sexual violence, contemporary North American and Eastern European literature
– Languages: English, Russian, French, Estonian

 Tetiana Soviak, PhD
tetiana.soviak [at] utoronto.ca
– Interests: Labour studies, representation of work and the worker esp. in cinema, socialist realism, Soviet culture and film esp. Stalin era film, politics and aesthetics
– Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English; German in progress

 Rachel F. Stapleton, PhD
rachel.f.stapleton [at] utoronto.ca
Dissertation: “Autobiographical Strategies of Petition in Early Modern English and Spanish Women’s Lifewriting”
– Epistolary theory & genre; communication; letter writing manuals; artes dictaminis
– Manipulations of inter/personal subjectivities; social conduct; political and gendered language
– Languages: English, Spanish, French, Latin

 Leonard Stein, PhD
leonard.Stein [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students
Israel and Golda Koschitsky Fellowship in Jewish Studies
– Academic interests: Crypto-Jewish identity; Inquisition Studies; Sephardic literature; orality and literacy; performance studies; music in literature
– Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish (in progress), Ladino (in progress)

Kristina Syvarth, PhD
kristina.syvarth [at] utoronto.ca
– The Absurd/Theatre of the Absurd, Surrealism, Russian and French avant-garde, theories of the avant-garde, theatre/drama, performativity
– Daniil Kharms, Boris Vian, Antonin Artaud
Languages: Russian, French, German (reading)

Lily Tarba, PhD
lily.tarba [at] mail.utoronto.ca
– Research interests: Early modern English literature; Milton; late Middle English literature; translation studies; verse narratives; epic poetry; examination of the concepts of shame and honour in early modern texts and their translations.
– Languages: English, Russian, Georgian (in progress), French (reading)



Wang Yu, PhD
fish.wang [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students
Shiff Family Graduate Student Endowment Fund (from Jewish Studies)
– Academic Interests: Critical theory and German philosophy; Holocaust Studies; Jewish history in the 20th century; Jews in East Asia, Germany and Israel; memory, autobiography and presentations of World Wars; documentary films as performative testimonies of the 20th century.
– Languages: Chinese, English, German (in progress), Hebrew (in progress)

Ella Wilhelm, MA
ella.wilhelm [at] mail.utoronto.ca
CGS-M Scholar (SSHRC)
– Academic Interests: Protestant Reformation theology, rhetoric, Martin Luther, John Calvin, iconoclasm, visual culture, ecological art, biopolitics, sovereignty, Walter Benjamin, Franz Kafka, translation theory, narratology. 
– Languages: English, German, French (reading)

 Karen Fay Yaworski, PhD
k.yaworski [at] mail.utoronto.ca
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar
New College Caribbean Studies Senior Doctoral Fellow
– Research interests: racial, ethnic and cultural identity; narratives of self and community; play and humor; contemporary Caribbean and North American fiction; hip hop; South Asian literature
– Languages: English, French, Spanish; Portuguese (reading)


Updated: November 1, 2016