Current Students of the Centre (2017–18)



Pushpa Raj Acharya, PhD
pushpa.acharya [at]
SSHRC Doctoral Fellow
Collaborative program in South Asian Studies
– Research interests: Theme and methodology: postcolonial literatures; British and South Asian literatures; political violence, revolution, and memory; law, state and democracy; trauma and practices of care; the forms of story-telling; Time period: 20th and 20th centuries; Genres: fiction, travel narrative, documentary film; Other areas of interest: Nepali literature; global and transnational in the Himalayas, the Indian Ocean, and the Silk Road; world literature; the Mahabharata
– Languages: English, Nepali, Hindi, Sanskrit, French (reading), Chinese (in progress)

Benjamin Bandosz, PhD
b.bandosz [at]
Vanier Doctoral Scholar
– Research interests: 19th & 20th century English and Polish literature and expatriate writers; Conrad’s Trilogy of Surveillance; French Continental philosophy; globotomy, psychoanalysis, and schizoanalysis (Freud & Guattari); textual depictions of mental illnesses; alchemy and early modern political thought (Bacon, Hobbes, & Spinoza)
– Languages: English, Polish, French (reading), Spanish (in progress)

Lauren Beard, PhD
lauren.beard [at]
Ontario Graduate Scholar; Victoria College Junior Fellow
– Research interests: crisis, form, and subjectivity in literary modernism; nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature; modernisms; critical theory; the novel; crisis; WWI and modernist literature; technology and literature; continental philosophy; interdisciplinarity; temporality and form.
– Languages: English, French, Italian, German (reading)

Aline Bouwman, MA
aline.bouwman [at]
– Research interests: postmodern fiction, contemporary American fiction, reader-response criticism, philosophy of language (continental), poststructuralism and deconstruction, Nietzschean aesthetics
– Languages: English and Dutch (native); German and French (proficiency); Hebrew, Greek and Latin (reading)

Kate Brennan, PhD
kate.brennan [at]
Collaborative program in Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Dissertation: “The Grafted Tongue: Caribbean and Irish Poets on English-Language Hegemony”
– Research interests: 20th and 21st century Caribbean and Irish literature, film, and music; language theory and linguistics; poetry and poetics; postcolonial, cultural, comparative literary, and diaspora and transnational studies
– Languages: English, French, Irish, Spanish



Jessica Copley, PhD
jessica.copley [at]
– Research interests: post-war and post-violence subjectivities in 20th and 21st century American, French and Japanese fiction; literature as a site of political resistance; representations of violence and the body; critical theory (esp. Marxism, feminism, psychoanalysis)
– Languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese

Élise Couture-Grondin, PhD
elise.couture.grondin [at]
CGS Doctoral Fellow
– Research interests: feminist and decolonial strategies for settler readers of Indigenous women’s texts, life writing and epistolary exchanges, affect and felt knowledge, Indigenous/antiracist/intersectional feminist theories, transitional justice and truth and reconciliation commissions

Adleen Crapo, PhD
adleen.crapo [at]
– Research interests: representations of disability and citizenship in Renaissance literature; John Milton, Miguel de Cervantes, and Paul Scarron; the maternal body in Vichy France; disability and activism
– Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin (reading), Catalan (reading)

Matthew da Mota, PhD
matt.damota [at]
Ontario Graduate Scholar
– Related interests: nostalgia and trauma; 20th and 21st century Iberian and (post-)Soviet literature and cinema; history and literature; philosophy of history
– Languages: Spanish, Portuguese (in progress), Russian (reading), Czech (in progress), French (in progress)

Arianne Des Rochers, PhD
arianne.desrochers [at]
– Research interests: translation studies, Caribbean thought and literature, contemporary Canadian literature, Indigenous literatures, migrant writing, border writing, hybridity & métissage, slang, multiculturalism and the politics of recognition, language & identity, gender studies, transnational feminism
– Languages: French, English, Spanish

Jesse Eckerlin, MA
jesse.eckerlin [at]



Katherine Fry, PhD
katherine.fry [at]

Darcy Gauthier, PhD
darcy.gauthier [at]
Japan Foundation Fellow; Ontario Graduate Scholar
Dissertation: “The Politics of Fantasy in Post-War Japan”
– Research interests: fantasy literature, in particular narratives of haunting/ghosts, and related theory (Lacanian psychoanalysis, Derrida, Marx, etc.); the culture of fantasy in 1950s Japan; Abe Kôbô, Mizoguchi Kenji, Nakagawa Nobuo
– Languages: English, French, Japanese, German (reading)

Corinn Gerber, PhD
corinn.gerber [at]
Jackman Junior Fellow
– Research interests: transnational feminist publication; personhood; citizenship and embodiment; technologies of recognition; print and digital literacy; autoethnography and positionality
– Languages: German, English, French, Danish, Italian (reading)

Keegan Goodman, PhD
keegan.goodman [at]
– Research interests: reincarnation, astrological divination, rock and roll, exaltation, English grammar, esp. subjunctive mood
– Languages: German, French, English, ancient Greek

Allen Haaheim, PhD
allen.haaheim [at]
Dissertation: “The Poetics of Pattern in Shen Yue (441­–513) and Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889)”
– Research interests: East-West comparative poetry and poetics, intercultural theory; Classical Chinese (especially Six Dynasties) poetry; philological exegesis
– Languages: Classical Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese, French (reading only)

Nathaniel Harrington, PhD
nat.harrington [at]
– Research interests: archipelagoes, poetics, language, shapeshifting, the inhuman, wizardry, riddles; ontologies of fiction, contemporary Scottish Gaelic literature, fantasy literature
– Languages: Scottish Gaelic, English, Spanish, French, Irish

Natasha Hay, PhD
natasha.hay [at]
Dissertation: “‘So much suffering, so little struggle’: Sovereignty, Language, and Force in Benjamin, Nietzsche and Cohen”
– Research interests: Walter Benjamin; Hannah Arendt; Theodor Adorno; Frankfurt School; German-Jewish thought; social and political thought; philosophies of history; continental philosophies of language; messianic theologies; ethics of alterity; historiographies and theories of violence; post-structuralism and deconstruction; history of philosophy; critical legal theory; philosophy of education; translation studies; rhetoric; hermeneutics; aesthetics
– Languages: English, French, German, Latin (in progress)

Dr. Stefanie Heine
stefanie.heine [at]
Postdoctoral Fellow / SNF
“Poetics of Breathing”

Ben Hjorth, PhD
ben.hjorth [at]
Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students
– Research interests: 19th and 20th century German philosophy, 20th and 21st century French philosophy, psychoanalysis, contemporary poetics and performance practice, performance theory, performance philosophy
– Languages: English, French, German (in progress), ancient Greek (in progress)



Tal Isaacson, PhD
talia.isaacson [at]
SSHRC Doctoral Fellow
– Research interests: ancient Greek political thought, early modern European political thought, European colonialism, American imperialism, Marxism, materialist feminism
– Languages: ancient Greek, French

Sanja Ivanov, PhD
sanja.ivanov [at]
Collaborative programs in Diaspora and Transnational Studies and Jewish Studies
– Research interests: nostalgia, memory, postcommunism, material culture, museum studies, thing theory, autobiography and life writing, immigrant writing
– Languages: Bulgarian, German, English, Serbian, Slovenian (in progress)

Nefise Kahraman, PhD
nefise.kahraman [at]
Jackman Junior Fellow
– Research interests: literature and medicine; literature and science; intellectual hisotry; history of ideas; narrative theory; gender; world literature
– Languages: Turkish, Ottoman Turkish (matbu), Persian, English, French

Paula Karger, PhD
p.karger [at]
Ontario Graduate Scholar
– Research interests: late medieval Iberia; early colonial Latin America, specifically Brazilian and Mayan works; Ramon Llull, La Doncella Teodor; trans-Atlantic exchange; translation/adaptation; wisdom literature
– Languages: Spanish, German, Latin (reading), Catalan (reading), Maya (in progress)

Joseph Klemens, PhD
joe.klemens [at]
– Research interests: contemporary Latin American literature, orality and performance in prose, narratology, language theory, contemporary poetry and poetics, small press publishing
– Languages: Spanish, German, Portuguese (reading)



Anastasia Lachine, MA
anastasia.lachine [at]

Adwoa A. Opoku-Agyemang, PhD
maa.opoku.agyemang [at]
SSHRC Doctoral Fellow
– Research interests: African literature, French and francophone literature, humour, comic literature, translation, postcolonial literature

Young-Jin Park, PhD
meta.park [at]
– Research interests: the problem of love in Badiou and Lacan
– Languages: Korean, English, French

Kristopher Poulin-Thibault, PhD
kristopher.poulin.thibault [at]
– Research interests: autobiography and life-writing; photography and visual culture; identity and intimacy; writer-reader relationship; the sex industry; empathy; video games; feminism and gender studies; medium and genre hybridity
– Languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish (reading)



Irina Sadovina, PhD
irina.sadovina [at]
Jackman Graduate Fellow
– Research interests: subjectivity, suffering, sexuality; late 20th and early 21st century Russian and North American literature
– Languages: English, Russian, French, Estonian

Saharnaz Samaeinejad, PhD
saha.samaeinejad [at]
CGS Doctoral Fellow
– Research interests: modern Persian poetry and poetics (with a special focus on the period between 1941 and 1979); the poetry of Forūgh Farrokhzād; the history of Marxist aesthetic theory; the critical theory of the Frankfurt School; the critical potentials of the poetics of lyric expressivity
– Languages: Persian (native), English, German (in progress)

Rachel F. Stapleton, PhD
rachel.f.stapleton [at]
Dissertation: “Autobiographical Strategies of Petition in Early Modern English and Spanish Women’s Lifewriting”
– Epistolary theory & genre; communication; letter writing manuals; artes dictaminis
– Manipulations of inter/personal subjectivities; social conduct; political and gendered language
– Languages: English, Spanish, French, Latin

Leonard Stein, PhD
leonard.stein [at]
Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students
Israel and Golda Koschitsky Fellowship in Jewish Studies
– Research interests: literature of the Sephardic diaspora; crypto-Jewish identity; Inquisition studies; orality and literacy; performance studies; music in literature
– Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish (in progress), Ladino (in progress)

Lily Tarba, PhD
lily.tarba [at]
Dissertation: “Shame and Honour in Russian and Georgian Literature by Way of Early Modern English Influence”
– Research interests: literary representations of shame and honour; eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Russian and Georgian poetry and prose; early modern English poetry; Milton; Shakespeare
– Languages: Russian, Georgian, French (reading)

Robert Twiss, PhD
rob.twiss [at]
Ontario Graduate Scholar; Jackman Junior Fellow
– Research interests: early modern ethnography and colonialism, satire, translation
– Languages: English, French, Spanish, German (reading)



Teresa Valentini, PhD
teresa.valentini [at]
Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students
– Research interests: European modernism (with a special focus on Italian, Irish, and German literatures); theory of modernity; late 19th and 20th century continental philosophy; perspectivism; Freud; Agamben’s conception of potentiality; aesthetics; theory of the novel
– Languages: Italian, English, German (in progress), French (reading), Latin

Mahdieh Vali-Zadeh, PhD
mah.vali [at]

Yu Wang, PhD [at]
Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students
Collaborative program in Jewish Studies
– Research interests: Holocaust history, memory, literature and culture; moral and ethical issues connected to the remembrance of the past; the transcultural development of the discourse of rescue, humanism and heroism since the 1950s
– Languages: English, Chinese (native), German (in progress), Hebrew (in progress)

Angela Weiser, MA
angela.weiser [at]
– Research interests: poetics of space and reverie (Gaston Bachelard); place and dwelling; poetic language; Italo Calvino; Fernando Pessoa; 20th century poetry; Islamic philosophy; miniatures and illuminated manuscripts; nature and landscape
– Languages: English, French, German (in progress), Urdu (in progress)

Mengyu Wu, PhD
mengyu.wu [at]
Doctor Joint-Training Program funded by China Scholarship Council
Dissertation: “The Cognitive Function, Localization and Worldliness of Magical Realism as a Literary form”
– Research interests: magical realism; Chinese literature in the 1980s; Marxist literary critics; content and form; literary history
– Languages: Chinese (native), English, French (reading)

Ami Xherro, MA
ami.xherro [at]
Ontario Graduate Scholar
– Research interests: water mythologies, ancient Chinese conceptions of Hell, psychotopography, narratology, pleasure and excess, cheiromancy
– Languages: Albanian, English, French

Andrew Young, PhD
andrewj.young [at]

Ruoshui (Henry) Zhang, MA
ruoshui.zhang [at]
Graduate Admission Award




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