Atsuko Sakaki

Professor of Comparative Literature and East Asian Studies
Affiliations: Research Associate at the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University;  Visiting Professor, Department of Comparative Literature and Culture, University of Tokyo (2016)
PhD, UBC; MA, BA, Tokyo

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Office: Robarts 14149
Leave Status: Spring 2018

Bio & Research

Having completed a book on photography as a rhetoric in fall 2015, I am presently polishing various papers on photographic books as sites of translation, and on cities and bodies for publication. I also hope to publish a book-length translation of short stories by Japanese scholar and translator of contemporary French literature Horie Toshiyuki. I am looking forward to launch a new project on sports and narration.

The graduate courses I teach include: The Rhetoric of Photography, Diasporic Cities: Itinerant Narratives, Readings in Japanese Literary Criticism, and Sports Narrated (to be offered in Fall 2017).

My research interests include the photographic narrative (SSHRC funded 2008-12; Jackman Humanities Institute Faculty Research Fellowship funded 2010-11; The Rhetoric of Photography in Modern Japanese Literature: The Materiality of the Visual Register as Narrated by Tanizaki Jun’ichirōô=, Abe Kōbō, Horie Toshiyuki and Kanai Mieko [Brill, 2015], a book chapter and a few refereed journal articles); translation as formative of image-text (edited and introduced Translation/Transmediation, a special issue of Poetica: An International Journal of Linguistic-Literary Studies 78 [December 2012]); city, body and text forming and transforming one another (SSHRC funded 2003-7; a few refereed articles and book chapters on Gotō Meisei and Abe Kōbō; critique of cross-cultural polemics (Obsessions with the Sino-Japanese Polarity in Japanese Literature [Hawai’i, 2006]); narrative as a speech act (Recontextualizing Texts: Narrative Performance in Modern Japanese Fiction [Harvard, 1999]); and gender relations (resulting several refereed book chapters on female intellectual writers such as Kurahashi Yumiko, Ema Saikō, and Arakida Rei; her translation of Kurahashi’s short stories originally published in 1998 was republished by Routledge in 2015).

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